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Dear Iris,
We can't begin to express how amazing the band ESSENCE was at our wedding. Our guests are still calling us to talk about it and it is 30 days after the wedding! We are so grateful to you for hooking us up with this band, they ROCKED the house all night long. NO ONE got off the dance floor, not once! Not anyone! NO ONE SAT DOWN! Not for one minute all night long. We couldn't have asked for a better night. We couldn't have asked for a better band. Iris, you and your crew did an amazing job following up with us and making us feel special and pampered. We will certainly recommend you to all our friends and hope to hook you up with our company holiday party as well. Thanks again for making this day more special than we could have ever asked for. You well exceeded all of our expectations and hopes for our celebrations. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!


Emily & William

Thanks so much for arranging for ESSENCE to perform at our wedding. They were better than any band any of our friends ever heard at a wedding and all night long everyone kept coming up to me and asking me where we found the band and that ESSENCE was the best band they ever heard at a wedding ever! Jill was great to work with, Eddie was a doll and wow, their voices, all I can say is WOW! The other guys in the band sang really well too and I can't believe how many songs you guys can sing one after another like you were some kind of supersonic a juke-box or something! Well, thanks for playing all the songs I asked for, and taking all my requests and thank you so much Iris for calming my nerves over and over and over again over the six months before the wedding when I couldn't calm myself down. If only I had known ahead of time how great everything turned out from what you set up for us, I would have saved myself a LOT of aggravation! Again, I just don't have enough words to express how thankful I am for the great day you gave to me, my husband, my family, my friends, my relatives and all our work associates. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT JOB DONE AND A WONDERFUL DAY FOR US ALL!

Elizabeth and Dean

Dear Iris, Jill, Eddie, Carmine and the rest of ESSENCE!
Thanks so much for the great party you made for us all! Everyone is still talking about how great you guys are, how original your sound is, how much fun we all had and what a great expanse of music you can play. We were really surprised and impressed! One minute a 40's ballad and the next minute the entire room is singing Journey along with Eddie. One minute a quite jazzy swing set and then the next a hard rock Janis Joplin tune. You are so versatile and just so talented, none of us have ever seen or heard musicians as versatile and musically versatile as you are. What a great dance party you gave us and the romantic moments were perfect too. Thanks for listening so well to all our endless demands and to following our requests to the "t". We really appreciate it and we know we made a lot of requests - thanks so much for being so responsive and helpful. At the end of the day, we couldn't be happier than we are and send you this letter of thanks for making our party really wonderful.

Tiffany & Steven

Dear Iris,
We could not get enough of Essence! We LOVED them, they were so Fantastic! I never expected to have musicians of that caliber band at our wedding! Who would have thought we would have superstar rock stars at OUR PARTY! WOW! Every time I watch the video I get excited all over again! All our guests were on the dance floor all night long! Everyone was rocking out and had such a wonderful time! Thank you so much Iris! Our wedding could not have been better! We truly appreciate everything you have done! We will be recommending you & Essence to everyone we know. (Hey hopefully we cam see them perform live again!?) Please put us on your emailer so we can get updates on any live performances that Essence has coming up. Again, thank you so much, everything was fantastic!

Rebecca & Simon

Iris, Essence & the Rest of the IGMC Crew!
I have one word for you guys: FABULOUS! Wow! Thank you so much for making my big day so amazing! Words simply cannot describe how perfect everything was. I appreciate how everyone at IGMC was so on top of everything, it made the planning of my wedding so much less stressful! I also appreciate how attentive Essence was. For sure, I thought that a band like Essence would be demanding & wouldn't agree to all of my long list of requests, but WOW, they were amazing! Thank you all so much for everything! With your help your performance at our wedding exceeded all of our expectations beyond anything we could have dreamed of! Your recommendation of The Essence Band was RIGHT ON!

Alice & Ray

Dear Iris & Jill & Carmine and the rest of the Essence Band!
You guys are so wonderful!
You made our day!
Beyond what we expected, and we knew you were great, but much better live!
Thanks so much!
What a great time we all had. Really great.

Bill and Susan

Hi Iris!

The band was GREAT! Everyone loved them! The catering people said they never had such a good band play
for any other wedding there EVER! NON-STOP we were on the dance floor. And.. JILL!?!?!? OMG!!!
She was so amazing I cannot find the words to express how incredibly spectacular she was. What a SUPERSTAR!
She sang songs from Opera to hard rock, from Jazz and Love ballads to the most current Gaga and Katy Perry hits
of right now. Her range and versatility was really something to experience. And what a little cutie pie she is! She was
out there with me on the dance floor and really, she made this night so very special for me, holding my hands, hugging me,
singing with me and my friends and she was really all over the dance floor and she was going strong in the fifth hour...
non-stop music for five hours.
It was just great! PLEASE THANK THE ENTIRE BAND for us, we love them all!

Esther and Paul

Dear Iris,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I was so concerned about what band I was going to use for my wedding because I wanted to make sure everyone had a good time. I am so happy I let you chose for me because WOW I could not have made a better choice! Everyone was dancing all night long! Everyone had a blast! I had so many people ask me where I found my band and I gladly let them know to give you a call :)! I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU IRIS! Please let Essence know how much I loved them (again) and Thank them (again) for us!!!

Mandy & George

Dear Jill,
You are amazing! It is six weeks after our wedding and our guests are still calling us to ask where on earth we found a party explosion like you! What a ball of energy you are, and your smiles and your amazing vocal range are totally mind blowing. We are so happy that Iris recommended that we hire you for our wedding because not one of our friends had a band as good as ours! Our wedding was much better than every other wedding we have ever attended and all our friends and guests that attended our reception agree.

We had such a good time.
Thank you SO MUCH for everything. We will recommend you to everyone we know.

Melissa and Pete

Dear Jill and Carmine and Iris too,

Our party was so special. You made everything perfect for us. There is so much talent in your group, we enjoyed every moment of your performance. Especially your versatility and level of your vocals were better than the original artists. Our wedding was really perfect from beginning to the end every vendor that we hired really came through and our favorite part of our entire wedding (besides our first kiss of-course) was you, our band.

Please put us on your mailing list so that we can come and hear you again in the future.

Mike and Rina